gregbo's homepage

I'm still working on this page. Watch this space for updates.
In the meantime, here's some things you might like to know about me:

I was born in New York City, the borough of Queens, which is one of the cradles of hip hop culture. I have been a Mets fan just about as long as I've enjoyed baseball. I attended Stuyvesant High School (class of '79).

I have a bachelor's degree from MIT, and a master's degree from UCLA. Both degrees are in computer science. I've worked on Internet development for many years. There are copies of my resume and some links to recent open-source projects I've contributed to on my CV page.

Other interests:
Aurora Singers
Ballroom dancing, usually at the Starlite Dance Club.
Speaking Spanish and French

I like to discuss broadcasting and music with others, and occasionally trade various broadcast-related items (airchecks, guides, memorabilia, etc). One of these days, I will put up some pages with items to trade and items sought.

Here are some (out of date) pictures of me.

If you'd like to know more about me, you may send email.

Images courtesy of IconBazaar.